• Different Rules to Follow Up For A Successful Website

    1. Use a .com domain and don’t use dashes or hyphens in between words in a domain name unless that is very much needed. We can help you in this matter.
    2. Security of your website from hackers is very important, having the ability to roll back when errors occur as well.
    3. Build up an email lists from very beginning. This is easily done by opting website visitors to automated mailing lists while they browse your site.
    4. Check regularly for broken links, better to have a site map and a customized 404 page.
    5. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ pick one out of all choices of social media channel and then dominate it, you no need poorly managed multiple social media accounts. If you run a successful company, consider hiring some social media expert company to look after your social media presence and expect results from them.
    6. Never focus only on one traffic source. A combination of organic search engine, paid, referral and social media traffic always works best.
    7. Make easy for people to contact you. Be open to accept some criticism A proper criticism is what will allow you to better your website by making the necessary changes to improve the overall user experience.
    8. Hire an expert Google PPC campaign manager and give paid advertising. Many businesses out there have shown excellent ROI with properly managed paid advertising. You may be lacking. We may assist you.
    9. At the end, keep moving forward. Do not give up and be creative. It takes time and effort to build up a successful website, it is not a rocket science. However, following these guidelines will guarantee that you have a kick-start on the online presence of your company. We will help you with the rest. Give us a call today to know more – (888) 364-8706
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